Ivan Jones Sweetback LP

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Dumb rareness from 1976 on Joka imprint recorded in the urban hub of Upper Darby, Pennsylvania (og copies go for about two hundy). Luv N Haight first reissued this in 1995, but it's been out of print since. New dawn, new day, and we have another chance to throw this slab of jazz-funk goodness on the ol'Debut III. I like to call this brand of jazz "sparkling"... super-tight arrangements with an upbeat, cold lemonade (or Pinkberry original flavor) put-you-back demeanor. "Sweetback" is the napping monster on here, undoubtedly one of the cornerstones of that embarrassing (but necessary) Acid Jazz movement. This isn't a one trick thug, with some other stellar (and thankfully less straightforward) tracks such as "Confusion, Jamaica Farewell," and "You've Got It Bad, Girl." 6 tracks in all... did I forget to mention that cover?!

  • music label: Ubiquity 2011
reviewed by the mgmnt 07/2012