J Dilla 48 Hours Instrumentals Vinyl LP

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After years on the shelf and suspect bootlegs Frank-N-Dank's 48 Hours finally sees its first official release! It's one of those records that's been steeped in mythology for years. A Dilla production with hardly any samples? According to Frank Nitt, "contrary to popular belief there was never an 'original version' of 48 Hours. We started recording songs to sample driven beats of Dilla's and we got 80% of the album done and Dilla decided to change the beats to all the songs." The beats are definitely a departure for Dilla, with keyboard beats and live instrumentation (including a contribution by ?uestlove) predominating over samples. However, the production is steeped in Dilla from beginning to end. And this instrumental version may be the one that most of you Dilla heads end up copping. Delicious Vinyl, in collaboration with Yancey Media Group, has released 48 Hours in its original state. As Frank says, "This is the exact version of 48 Hours that we (Frank N Dank & Dilla) turned in to MCA and the way Dilla intended it to be!"

  • music label: Delicious Vinyl 2013
reviewed by Michu Meszaros 02/2013