J Dilla The King Of Beats Vinyl Boxset - Ma Dukes Yancey Collector's Edition

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Easily one of the illest boxsets to ever come through the Lab. Put togther by Maureen "Ma Dukes" Yancey, the King Of Beats is an extra special tribute to the best to ever do it - the late great J Dilla. The set comprises of four 10"s featuring tracks from Dilla's Batches for the first time on vinyl, cassette with unreleased tracks from Dilla's Lost Scrolls, booklet with interviews from peers and music scholars & never before seen photos, AND a 3.5" floppy containing one unreleased beat on multitracks to load in your SP-1200 drum machine! In addition, everything comes housed in a hinged wood box designed in the likeness of Dilla's own SP-1200. An essential purchase for Jay Dee fans and completists. Limited edition, recommended.

  • hand-crafted wood box made to the exact likeness of J Dilla's SP-1200
  • 4 x 10" vinyl featuring 40 tracks from Jay Dee's Batches
  • special edition cassette containing 4 unreleased tracks from J Dilla’s Lost Scrolls
  • The King of Beats commemorative booklet contains interviews with his peers, scholars, etc. along with rare and never before seen photos with provocative insight and perspective of the early years of Jay Dee’s career
  • limited edition 3 inch floppy disk containing 1 unreleased J Dilla production, multi-tracked and formatted specifically to upload within the actual E-Mu SP-1200 machine