Jacques Greene Phantom Vibrate Vinyl 12"

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We all know the feeling, thinking your phone is vibrating when it really isn't. The reference is a little tongue in cheek for what might be Jacques Greene's darkest release to date. "No Excuse" begins with slowly evolving synths and vocals that drift in and out of intelligibility. Once the beat drops it comes in hard and pulls everything into focus. There's plenty of low end to contend with and that's a good thing. It's followed up with "Time Again (Feel What)," at track that draws on the same elements while washing everything in a wall of reverb. Things progress even further as the track builds. To close out the EP Greene revisits some of his earlier sounds on "Night Tracking." It's a track that explores the post dubstep sound while pushing things in all the right ways.

  • music label: LuckyMe 2014
reviewed by Joey Coco 06/2014