Jakob Skott All The Colours Of The Dust Vinyl LP

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Boom. For the third installment in his "drums versus synthesizers" explorations, Causa Sui drummer Jakob Skott channels the energy of all things heavy into the medium of percussion and synthesis. Basically this thing is like a beat digger's wet dream - a seemingly endless barrage of the hardest drums laced with heavily effected synths, the likes of which would make any breaks head bug out and lose their shit. The recordings also have this vintage quality to it, making them seem like lost cuts from an obscure Eastern European library record, or some holy grail LP that only elite collectors like Madlib or DJ Shadow would own. Amazingly, this is actually a contemporary recording (from 2016) and is readily available to get your grubby little mits on... that is, unless you're caught sleeping since they only pressed 500 copies! 5 stunning tracks in all.

  • limited to 500 copies
  • music label: El Paraiso Records 2016
reviewed by Al Pastor 06/2016