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James Blake Klavierwerke EP

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Hot on the heels of the much lauded CMYK 12" comes Klavierwerke, James Blake's second offering on R&S Records. Blake has already shook up the post-dubstep/future beats realm with his deconstructed r&b beats on CMYK and now the young Londoner showcases his diversity with the deeply emotive beats on Klavierwerke. This time the finely tweaked and chopped samples are of his own voice, and rather than aiming for the dancefloor, the beats a well tuned for introspective headphone listening. Once again, it's Blake's originality that shines as these abstract beats are comparable to nothing out at the moment (except maybe the mood of Burial, which is never a bad thing). Includes the title track, "Tell Her Safe," "I Only Know (What I Know)," and "Don't You Think I Do." Be on the lookout for the full length coming soon. Recommended.

  • music label: R&S / 2010
reviewed by Von Bee 01/2011