James Blake Love What Happened Here 12"

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Leave it to James Blake to push things forward into unexplored territories. Blake lives up to his reputation as one of the most forward-thinking producers in the current electronic music scene and once again throws us for a loop with Love What Happened Here. The title track is post-dubstep at its most melodic and catchy, while still being avant enough to make you feel a tad bit uneasy. Tweaked pitch shifted vocals take the lead, balanced out by lovely organ and keyboard work make you wanna put it on repeat over and over again. And just when you think you might've pinned down his sound, Blake throws us a curveball with the deep basement house style of "At Birth." Here it seems he has channeled his inner Detroit soul and gives us a looped up banger Theo would be proud of. Also includes the slo-mo hip hop beatdown of "Curbside." Chalk up another winner for James Blake on R&S, recommended.

  • music label: R&S 2012
reviewed by Von Bee 03/2012