James Mason Nightgruv / I Want Your Love Vinyl 12"

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James Mason is known in digger circles for his stellar jazz funk tracks (namely "Sweet Power of Your Embrace" and others), but did you know he killed it on the house tip as well? These rare cuts were originally released in a small batch back in '96 on Mighty Fine (though they were never actually meant to be released at all!) and Rush Hour has steeped in to make them available to the masses. Check the sick old school house vibe on "Nightgruv" (in both standard and unreleased extended versions) that's so in-line with current dance trends, despite being recorded in 1984(!), plus the incredible slo-mo boogie soul of "I Want Your Love" that harks back to Mason's classic sound. Recommended!

  • music label: Rush Hour 2012
reviewed by snackmaster 03/2012