James Murphy While We're Young Soundtrack (180g) Vinyl LP

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Music plays a central role in Noah Baumbach's While We're Young. The film looks at the divide between today's 40 somethings and their 20 something counterparts. This is largely exemplified by each generation's reaction to the music that plays throughout the movie. There's Ben Stiller's character Josh having an averse reaction to Adam Driver's Jamie trying to get him psyched up with Kenny Loggins' "Danger Zone" (Josh, "I still remember when this song just sucked"). Or Fletcher, played by the Beastie Boys' Adam Horovitz, obsessing over the packaging for Wilco's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. Baumbach has always been an expert at placing music in his films, making David Bowie's "Modern Love" the centerpiece of the critically-acclaimed Frances Ha and setting the climax of his breakout The Squid and the Whale to Lou Reed's epic "Street Hassle." While We're Young sees him team up with James Murphy to great results. The duo had previously worked together on Baumbach's Greenberg and the results are just as good this time around.

  • 180 gram pressing
  • music label: Milan Records 2015
reviewed by been iller 06/2015