Jay-Z Jaydiohead (Radiohead) LP

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Big remix album, getting tons of love from blogs, mainstream press and even Hova himself! Jaydiohead is a remix concept album (a la The Grey Album) that take Jay-Z tracks from several of his albums and pairs the acapellas with instrumental loops and samples from across the breadth of the Radiohead catalog.  The man behind the project is NYC DJ Max Tannone, and the fruits of his labor are way better than my description might make them sound. Check out "Wrong Prayer," "99 Anthems," and "No Karma" for starters. Also impressive is the way that Tannone wrangled "15 Step" to create "Fall In Step," or the way that "Dirt Off Your Shoulder" blends so well with "Paranoid Android." Proof that the mashup craze may have a bit of life left in it yet. 10 tracks total, packaged in a pic sleeve that'll make you doubletake.

reviewed by Hires 11/2009