JBs Food For Thought (James Brown) LP

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Hey Bobby- why do you like soul food? If I could fill a 45 jukebox, the 45's off this album would definitely be some of the first to go in. The 8th wonder of the world drops it like its hot with Pass the Peas, the Grunt, Gimme Some More, The Rabbit Got the Gun, Escapism and more. There's a real good mix of feelings on this record from the smooth cry of Theme from King Heroin to the aggressive step of The Grunt, sampled about 100 times by Public Enemy. They chopped up The Grunt horns into their signature controlled noise sound that really changed the way hip hop was being produced. It's also got the great Pass the Peas which everybody knows from De la Soul is Dead. This is what girls with sandaled feet and gap teeth like to dance to in the summer time. The first JB's record and definitely a good argument for a rooftop barbecue party.

  • music label: People
reviewed by the mgmnt 10/2005