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Jeru The Damaja The Sun Rises In The East Vinyl 2LP

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Vinyl 2LP $23.95
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J-E-R-U is a horror to you, lyrical kung fu so do your kung fu if you kung fu - the Damaja was like an epiphany when he dropped this LP. The streetwise poet flipping SAT words like poindexter, backed by DJ Premier's Peter Luger beats. "Come Clean" started the mayhem: the water droplets, the crushing drums, and the east new york slang. "Mental Stamina" showcasing a young Afu is the lyrical highpoint instantly doubling the sales of backpacks at EMS. "My Mind Spray" showcases one of Premier's tightest skratch choruses and yet another fist of Mardi Gras. Every track is memorable both lyrically and beatwise. It's a shame that Jeru never matched the highs of this album; but mark it in your notebook as a classic, cause it sure to be lost one day. If your honey is a queen, I'll sex her. Double LP.

  • music label: Payday 1994 / 2009
reviewed by the mgmnt 05/2009