Jesus & Mary Chain Darklands (Colored Vinyl) Vinyl LP

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I think that most people probably associate the JAMC with Psychocandy and "Just Like Honey," but their second album Darklands is certainly no slouch. It sounds a lot shinier and more produced than the noisy haze of the first album, owing in part, to the fact that Bobby Gillespie was replaced by a drum machine when he left to be the front man of Primal Scream. Definitely not mad at the poppier side of the band though, and that drum machine gives them a sound that sounds a bit like New Order at times. "April Skies," "Darklands," and "Happy When It Rains," are the big singles here, but also check out "Down On Me," and "Cherry Came Too." 1980s alt rock at it's finest, right? Ten tracks in all pressed on blue vinyl, packaged in a pic sleeve. Recommended.

  • blue vinyl pressing
  • music label: Blanco Y Negro 1987 / Plain Recordings 2015
reviewed by Hires 05/2010