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Jiraffe Out'A The Box (Richie Weeks) Vinyl 12"

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12" Vinyl $14.95
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Another blessing from the repress gods. Jiraffe's "Out'A The Box" is one of the those secret weapon records that will have the floor burning while trainspotters run up to the decks to try and get a peak of the label. Originally released in 1988 on the tiny GoldQwest label, Jiraffe is actually a side project for prolific boogie producer Richie Weeks (The Jammers, Weeks & Co., Hot Cargo, etc.). On "Out'A The Box" Weeks combines pounding proto-house drums a la New Order's "586" and rattling percussion with fat boogie synth bass (akin to "Haven't Been Funked Enough") and squiggling synths to make the dancefloor go OFF. It's a no joke, get-down affair when the needle's on the groove. Big up to Omaggio Records for the legit reissue as OG's go for upwards of $200! Recommended.

  • music label: Omaggio 2016
reviewed by Pop Tart 10/2016