Joey Anderson Above The Cherry Moon (Vakula) 12"

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Buzz record from NJ's own Joey Anderson (already in its second pressing). "Above The Cherry Moon" is an abstract acid track that featuring the vocals of Ebony Ugo floated on top. I kinda get a "Little Fluffy Clouds" vibe from it. Ukraine's Vakula adds a celestial vibe to his remix, which works well as an unofficial part 2. You can imagine losing yourself to this on a dark dancefloor corner or smoking a spliff on beanbag in your college dorm room (let's go get a cheesesteak). This heady EP ends with "Auset", a dark techno track with an interesting use of piano . I can hear why this is a bestseller, it's both challenging, engaging, and danceable xlike early Carl Craig records. First release on Avenue 66, an imprint of Absurd / Acid Test.


  • music label: Avenue 66 2013
reviewed by the mgmnt 08/2013