John Williams Star Wars - The Force Awakens Soundtrack (Holographic) Vinyl 2LP

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Can you feel the force? Well now you can see it with this special holographic pressing of John Williams' original Star Wars - The Force Awakens courtesy of Walt Disney Records! Simply shine a light above the vinyl as it plays to view a stunning 3D hologram etching of the Millenium Falcon on disc 1 and TIE Fighter on disc 2 that actually spin around in the dead wax space of the record! You've got to see it to believe it (see video below), easily one of the coolest pressings ever. As for the music, John Williams lends his magic once again to the Star Wars franchise for Episode VII, creating the perfect sonic backdrop that is part mystery, wonder, and excitement. 23 tracks in all including the classic Main Title theme and many others. Definitely a unique piece for the vinyl heads, and a must for the true Jedi out there.

  • 3D hologram etching of the Millenium Falcon on disc 1 and TIE Fighter on disc 2
  • use a direct light source above the vinyl to view the holographic images
  • 180 gram vinyl
  • Direct Metal Mastering (DMM)
  • music label: Walt Disney Records 2016
reviewed by Lando's Co-Pilot 06/2016