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Joker The Vision Instrumentals EP

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12" Vinyl $10.00
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Instrumental versions of Joker's acclaimed debut full length! Joker has been killing the dubstep game for a few years now with his signature "purple" sound, a style that has leant itself to numerous anthemic 12"s and a gang imitators. Through the years the sound has slowly evolved and become more focused to the point that it seems anything Joker touches nowadays becomes massive. The Vision showcases the power of the purp sound with proven anthems like "Tron" and "My Trance Girl," and also finds Joker infusing it with potent cross-over potential. Check "Slaughterhouse," the title track, and "On My Mind" for a taste. Also worthy of mention is the introspective "Milky Way" and the Ginz collab "The Magic Causeway." Recommended.

  • music label: 4AD 2012
reviewed by: Snackmaster 01/2012