Kanye West & Jay-Z Watch The Throne (Double Picture Disc, Gold Embossed Edition w/ Poster) 2LP

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Luxury rap from hip-hop/pop-culture royalty featuring luxury packaging in the form of gold embossed, cross shaped vinyl jacket (designed by Ricardo Tisci of Givenchy). This highly anticipated collaboration from Kanye and Jay-z is two of music's richest artists talking about the finer things of life over instrumentals by the RZA, Pete Rock, Q-tip, Swizz Beats, No I.D., Lex Luger, the Neptunes, Mike Dean, Ye' himself, and more. Recorded in London, Abu Dhabi, Sydney, Paris, and New York, Watch The Throne is flat out GOOD. On the music side, the album takes after My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy as orchestral and progressive rock influences create many dramatic, unconventional moments. As far as lyrics are concerned, Jay and Kanye trade, for the most part, sharp braggadocio verses that focus on "opulence, fame, materialism, power, and the burdens of success." Some have complained that the album focuses too heavily on the aforementioned themes, but the truth is, these dudes really are super rich and successful... so why shouldn't they talk about their good lives? "HAM" and "Niggas in Paris" are the standout club/radio bangers. For other picks, check out "No Church In The Wild," "Lift Off," "Made In America," "The Joy," "Otis," "Welcome To The Jungle," and "New Day" aka the "me and the RZA connect" song. Guest artists include Frank Ocean, Beyonce, Curtis MAyfield, and Mr. Hudson, and as mentioned above, the 2LP (pic disc with Jay-Z and Kanye West images) album comes packaged in gold-embossed jacket. A 24" x 24" poster is included, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

  • music label: Roc-A-Fella
reviewed by nakinboots 01/2012