Kate Simko Lost In London EP 12"

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Sometimes it feels like we're moving into the new era of HGSOB. That's hot girls singing over beats, for the uninitiated. It's something we used to talk about a lot over there at TTL. Back in the days of Woodman, when downtempo was all the rage, HGSOB was tossed around quite a bit. Not like the concept ever really went away, it's just slowly been changing over time. Maybe the new incarnation has got to have something like "hot girls producing hot beats" thrown into the mix. Starting with everybody's favorite hottie to hate on, Nina Kraviz, and continuing on through the tech house underground there are plenty of able bodied women stepping up behind the boards and blowing their male contemporaries out of the water. Kate Simko takes the torch from Kraviz and throws down with some serious ferocity. Throughout the Lost In London EP there's plenty to keep your body moving. Simko employs the aforementioned vocals mostly as another instrument, adding a human touch to her already funky productions. If these is any sign of where the whole HGSOB phenomenon is heading, sign me up! Recommended.

  • music label: Get Physical Music 2013
reviewed by Kool Moby 07/2013