Kavinsky Odd Look (The Weeknd, A-Trak, Surkin) 12"

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12" Vinyl $14.95
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Kavinsky just wont die! The French zombie is back with more for Record Makers. This time around he's brought a grip of friends along for the ride, giving all the girlies an "Odd Look" out of the window of his Testarossa. Your probably familiar with the cut from his OutRun LP, but if you're not give the album version a listen. What you're all really here for is the remixes and they seem to cover all of the bases. Long time Kavinsky buddy A-Trak turns in a trapified version with plenty of builds and drops, he gets "it". For something a little more Parisian give the Surkin rerub a listen. It's all uptempo, taking it back to Club 75. Prince 85 and Midnight Juggernauts both give us plenty to work with. This is a jam packed 12" that's well worth the weight.

  • music label: Record Makers 2013
reviewed by Kool Moby 09/2013