Kenny Dope Roller Boogie 80's CD

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Another mix cd offering from the Dope Man, this time it's all your favorite classics mixed by KD. He stays true to the title here and sticks to the NYC roller skate classics. Nothing too crazy, hits like "Funky Sensation, Just A Touch Of Love, Over Like A Fat Rat," and all the other early 80's goodies you need for that good old Sunday afternoon feeling. This is basically like a Kid Capri tape without the shouting and adlibs. No, don't worry there's plenty of "dope dope dope" sound effects and doubles, but it's done in a studio so the sound is extra clean and crisp. Quality from start to finish, if you know the tracks it's a great listen; if you're just getting started it's like a 101 class taught by Kenny Dope ddope ddope.

  • music label: Dopewax 2004
reviewed by roc