KMD / MF Doom Black Bastards Deluxe Pop Up Book+Vinyl 7"+2CD (Record Store Day)

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Book + 7" Vinyl + 2CD $32.95
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Record Store Day Exclusive! Deluxe pop up book pressing of KMD's classic Black Bastards. Here's what we had to say when we first stocked this essential release: Mr. Hood is an early 90s lost masterpiece... deceptively playful. For their second album, their subversive tone came out stronger... enough to scare away their label Elektra, and burying the infamous cover art like slavery stories. But like all shit that is meant to be, this sophomore masterpiece is finally available after being pressed in rare, short runs. Production-wise this is truly one of my favorite full-lengths. "Suspended Animation" with that blown-out bass has been my rationale for the last couple months. "Plumskinzz" from the hard to find "Nitty Gritty" 12" is also represented here split into 2 parts. Ask Authentic about the heavenly beat, it's on his tape. If you were lucky to catch the one-off singles on Fondle Em, you've heard the catchy loops of "What A Niggy Know," "It Sounded Like A Rock," "Constipated Monkey," "Smokin That Shit," and the others. Shame that SubRoc had to go directly to home, him and Doom were like peanut butter and bananas. Recommended.

  • limited to 2500 copies
  • first CD includes all 14 of the album's original vocal tracks
  • second CD filled with bonus tracks and instrumentals
  • 7" picture disc of the single "What A Nigga Know"
  • encased in a hard page children's book package with a KMD Sambo Mascot pop-up
  • music label: Metal Face Records 2015
reviewed by Kool Moby 04/2015