KMD Mr. Hood (MF Doom) Vinyl 2LP

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Man oh man oh man, Over 2 decades later and this still sounds so ridiculously fresh. Double vinyl version of this '91 hip-hop classic, featuring a young MF Doom back when he was called Zev Love X. There is not one bad cut on here, but my shit has always been "Humrush." Those slow piano keys a 2 year old could play with the door knock drums and dudes making funny farm kazoo noises and shit? Straight up vicodin music. "Nitty Gritty" is also a favorite. I used to be really into Sadat, and the way he sounds with Zev Love on here is pretty damn magical. All those Xs maybe. Of course, "Peachfuzz" really encapsulates everything great about this group into 3 minutes of De La's whimsy, Black Moon's ruggedness, Tribe's jazz, and the Jungle Brothers' lyrical flourish. This is just an out and out classic, no two ways about it. And a double vinyl press is butter, plus this includes the "Gasface Refill" which was not on the original pressing. OG single vinyl is rare and quiet as fuck. If you have King Geedorah or some Madvillainy, and not this, you need to act like you always knew and at least fool people. Go on and memorize it before you buy the album. Maybe you'll score some legit points. Recommended.

  • music label: Elektra 1991 / Traffic Entertainment
reviewed by Bob Bannister