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KMFH The Boat Party (Kyle Hall) 2LP

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Vinyl LP $24.00
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It's the long-awaited debut album from KMFH aka Kyle Mutha Funkin' Hall! After continuously killing it with releases on Omar-S's FHXE label, Hyperdub, Rush Hour, and his own Wild Oats imprint, the prolific young Detroit producer finally steps out with a proper full length, The Boat Party. Here Kyle gives us the sound of the D's next generation on a collection of raw tracks that fuse soul, house, and techno - all with a distinct, authentic Detroit flavor. The Motor City's techno roots are represented with the heavy bump of tracks like "Dr. Crunch," "Spoof" and "Flemmenup," while "Crushed" and "Measure2Measure" give shine to the soulful house side of things (reminiscent of KDJ). Also check the ghetto tech influence on "Finnapop" and the glitchy goodness of "Grungy Gloops." 8 tracks total on double LP. Recommended.

  • music label: Wild Oats 2013
reviewed by Von Bee 06/2013