Kneebody & Daedelus Kneedelus (Colored Vinyl) Vinyl LP

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Kneebody is a Grammy nominated funk-jazz quartet, and Daedelus has been that LA beat dude with a knack for juxtaposing organic and electronic soundscapes. Ben Wendel, the saxophonist of Kneebody, and D are high school buddies who have collaborated unofficially for some time, but they really put their beautiful musical minds together for Kneedelus, a rich, powerful collection of ten original compositions “with a modern sheen that takes the shape of a multi-headed beast straddling rock, jazz, and electronic music.” The project delves deeper into the synthesis of electronic and acoustic players, and it’s the true integration of the two schools that define Kneedleus, check out “The Hole,” “Drum Battle,” “Home,” and “Rounds.”

  • smokey clear vinyl
  • music label: Brainfeeder 2016
reviewed by donut savage 07/2016