Kon Sheik (King Of Nothing) 12"

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Kon returns with another of his masterful edit 12"s! This time around Nile Rodgers' and Bernard Edwards' legendary disco powerhouse, Chic, comes under the razor. You'd think that the band's material was pretty un-f*%k-with-able but Kon knows exactly what he is doing. For those that know, the Boston based DJ and producer was able to get his hands on the master reels from some of dance music's biggest hits. This has given him full license to have his way and also unearth some of the unused tracks from these recordings. On both "Good Times" and "Everybody Dance" he reworks the intros and takes his time with the vocals. There's a lot more space in Kon's arrangements than the originals, allowing the tracks room to breath over the entire side of the record. The mixes are beefed up to compete with today's club sound, which is a godsend. Like the Sir Own and Illvester records that proceeded this one, you're pretty much guaranteed to fill the floor. Recommended.

  • music label: Star Time 2013
reviewed by Joey Coco 11/2013