Krazy Baldhead The Noise In The Sky LP + CD

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Ed Banger's best kept secret returns for his second full length on the French label! The Noise In The Sky finds Krazy Baldhead exploring 70's influences - from jazz, funk, fusion, and prog - all infused with his signature electronic touch. If that sounds a little difficult to wrap your head around, try thinking of this as the bridge between Herbie Hancock and Amon Tobin, or between Weather Report and Skream. It's intelligent music that doesn't lose that contemporary head nod. Check the sounds on "Subaraya Girl," "The Noise In The Sky," "Day In Day Out," "Miles High," and "Slow Motion" for highlights. If you slept on KB in the past (which was easy to do since he didn't have the hype machine backing him up as much as the other Ed Rec artists), it's definitely worth checking what "the most accomplished musician" in the Ed Banger camp has to offer this time around. 12 tracks from the dude who rocked electro festivals at night, while bumping 70's jazz during the day. Import vinyl with CD version included.

  • music label: Ed Banger 2012
reviewed by TKB 08/2012