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Detroit's future returns. It's been two years since Hall's last full length 'Boat Party' and while we've seen a few singles pop up, it's nice to hear a cohesive release. From the man himself, "The title is derived from the idea of finding a way to live life in a state of presence; detaching oneself from the mental, self imposed narratives echoed by society's traditions and judgements. We as people tend to be at our most honest and present in our childhood, so in some ways From Joy serves as a mechanism and reminder to return to one's youthful energetic state." Something we don't step back and appreciate as we get older. Unlike Boat Party, From Joy is a much more soulful (in style) approach from start to end. The Techno takes a back seat on this one (I mean it's always there, dude is from the D) but he stays heavy in the pocket with some of his best work yet. The obvious Theo comparisons are present but let's look beyond those blanket statements and at what the young man is doing here. He is following in footsteps but also paving a new path. Moody, Andres, Huckaby, Craig... they are all here.

  • music label: Wild Oats 2015
reviewed by Bitter Melon 2/2016