Larry Heard Presents Mr. White You Rock Me Vinyl 12"

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12" Vinyl $14.95
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Rule of thumb, anytime you see a Larry Heard record, you grab it! Picked up on this and you'll never be disappointed. Here is yet another unbelievable soulful release featuring the incredible vocals of Mr. White (aka Chad White). "You Rock Me" is pure Larry Heard- midtempo, a deeper than deep bassline, and simply beautiful old school-sounding vocals. An instant classic. On the flip, "The Sun Can't Compare" is pure acid bliss. Sublime vocals are present once again, but this time some 303 action injected for a tougher groove, yet still deep and smooth groove like Mr. Heard is known for. Essential.

  • music label: Alleviated Records 2006 / 2013
reviewed by Alison 08/2015