Larry Levan Larry Levan's Paradise Garage - The Legend Of Dance Music Vol.1 Vinyl 3LP

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First time vinyl pressing of this sought-after Salsoul disco comp inspired by the legendary Larry Levan! Previously released in 2003 on Japan-only CD, Larry Levan's Paradise Garage - The Legend Of Dance Music Vol.1 captures the essence of the Paradise Garage under Larry Levan's guidance. It is a true testament to Larry's peerless taste that every single one of these tracks has stood the test of time and still evokes great feeling and emotion from the dancefloor to this day. Includes 10 full length classics from the Salsoul vaults by Inner Life, Candido, Edwin Birdsong, First Choice, The Salsoul Orchestra, and more, all lovingly remastered for maximum listening and dancing pleasure. Triple vinyl pressing, highly recommended.

  • triple vinyl comp of Salsoul disco classics
  • originally released in 2003 on sought after Japan-only CD
  • music label: Salsoul 2014
reviewed by Gichy Stan 01/2015