• Laurie Spiegel: The Expanding Universe Vinyl 3LP
  • Laurie Spiegel: The Expanding Universe Vinyl 3LP
  • Laurie Spiegel: The Expanding Universe Vinyl 3LP

Laurie Spiegel
The Expanding Universe Vinyl 3LP

Unseen Worlds

↳ massively expanded 3LP release of 1980 groundbreaking album

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LAURIE SPIEGEL'S GROUND BREAKING DEBUT ALBUM EXPANDED for 2019. Originally released back in 1980 on the tiny Philo label, The Expanding Universe remains a sought-after and pioneering work in computer-based music. On first listen, the minimalist experimental / ambient vibes will remind you of work from Terry Riley, Steve Reich, Phillip Glass, or even Brian Eno - but the method in which this work was created is what makes it truly special. The pieces comprising The Expanding Universe combine slowly evolving textures with the emotional richness of intricate counterpoint, harmony, and complex rhythms (John Fahey and J. S. Bach are both cited as major influences in the original cover's notes), all built of electronic sounds. Laurie realized and composed these pieces completely from electronic sounds on the GROOVE system at Bell Laboratories between 1974 and 1977, interacting with computer-based logic to compose each piece (a feat far ahead of its time). The resulting music is rich and engrossing, full of slow churning sounds and evolving textures that suck you in to a world outside our own. The short sound samples really don't do justice, but check "Patchwork," "Old Wave," "Pentachrome," and "Kepler's Harmony of the Worlds" for a taste. The latter was included on the Golden Record that was launched on board the Voyager spacecraft back in 1977. Anyone who uses computer-based logic to create music (Ableton Live, Max/MSP,etc), definitely needs to hear this incredible work. This 2019 release is properly stretched to 3 LP's and includes 15 additional tracks recording during the same period, nearly all previously unreleased. Includes download code for full album. Released by Unseen Worlds. Recommended.

  • mastered by Laurie Spiegel
  • split-fountain gatefold sleeve
  • download card included
  • music label:¬†Unseen Worlds 2019
reviewed by Ralphy Corduroy 1/2019



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