LCD Soundsystem 45 33 Vinyl 2LP

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45:33 was originally commissioned by Nike for iTunes as a "work out" mix, but this shit is so good that the DFA decided to put it out on CD and LP. The "mix" isn't a mix in the traditional DJ sense of the word, but rather an epic disco-movement played live by James Murphy and Co. It starts off with a lonely synth line that slowly builds in tempo then eventually grows into a full on groover that erupts into various rhythms and styles eventually climaxing, then breaking down into an ambient drone. You'll recognize some tunes of the Sound Of Silver album for sure (like "Someone Great" and others) but the way it is all presented is fresh and unique. You should see the list of instruments that James Murphy plays on this thing too - everything from vintage drums, guitar, all kinds of synths, vocoder and the glockenspiel. Very, very impressive.  Recommended. 

  • music label: DFA / 2007
reviewed by snackmaster 11/2007