Legowelt Tondalayo Vinyl 12"

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LEGOWELT IS UNSTOPPABLE. How does one make and release so much music? Seriously seems like he lives in a different time plane where there are 36 hours in a day and 9 days in a week. Anyway, I digress. About the 12" - The inimitable Danny Wolfers returns for his second release on Madrid's Riverette imprint delivering four tracks of solid, driving techno as only he can deliver. It's all here, the signature wavy synths, Amiga demoscene-esque hook lines, and pounding rhythms to crush the warehouse or basement. I'd buy it just for "Nebular Paradise" and "Utopian News," but seriously all tracks bang.

  • music label: Riverette 2015
reviewed by Der Schlerb 12/2015