Len Leise Music For Forests (180g) Vinyl 12"

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Vamos a la playa. Len Leise delivering some serious new age/balearic vibes on Interntational Feel, making this reviewer feel like he's on a lost tropical beach (despite sub-zero temps in the Rotten Apple). Listening to tracks like "Seed Of The Blushwood," and "Phantom Voyage" is literally like melting stress away. Then you get to tracks like "A Bend In The River" and "Sea Of Trees" and it's pretty much like instant "serenity now". This is the Australian producer's first outing on wax, giving us a taste of how the do balearic Down Under - and apparently they do it very, very proper. Recommended.

  • music label: International Feel 2014
reviewed by Gichy Stan 02/2014