Leon Vynehall Butterflies / This Is The Place Vinyl 12"

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Leon Vynehall's productions are deep and filled with subtleties. The UK producer's two track debut for Clone offshoot Royal Oak might come off as a traditional house record, but it's filled with an attention to detail that sets it apart. "Butterflies" works a looping piano sample over a straight forward 4/4 beat. Once you listen past the vocal sample you'll hear all sorts of sounds coming up from the depths. Synth swells and layers of percussion all build on top of each other. He takes a more garage (the UK version) influenced approach with "This Is The Place." There's golden era hip hop vibes buried in the drum programming that's skillfully mixed with off kilter Boards Of Canada style synths. Again it's all in the details, little hidden samples and waves of sound that take you some place else. Recommended.

  • music label: Royal Oak 2014
reviewed by Joey Coco 09/2014