Leroy Hutson Leroy Hutson II (180g) Vinyl LP

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4th solo album from Leroy Hutson circa 1976 Amongst record aficionados, there's a debate whether Hutson I or II is better, but the general consensus seems to gravitate toward the center: both are brilliant, under-appreciated, and classic (and not available on iTunes or Spotify at the time of this review). My experience with these Hutson albums is that first you'll be awed by moments of musical brain pops, then you realize that it's just continuous soul goodness. There isn't a flat spot to be found, even the sleepy instrumental "Situations" is elevated because of its odd, totally uncommercial placement as the 2nd track in the album. Yeah, after listening tracks "Love The Feeling" and "Don't It Make You Feel Good," it'll make you want to put on your best internet-bought shirt and strut around the neighborhood shopping complex. And as a testament to Hutson's production brilliance, you'll continually find new favorite bridges, breakdowns, and lyric snippets for years to come. 180g pressing, recommended.

  • music label: Curtom 1976
reviewed by the mgmnt 04/2013