Levon Vincent Impression of a Rainstorm Vinyl 12"

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This release made some serious waves when it first came out in 2011. Levon Vincent's restrained take on deep house and techno proved to be as divisive as the record was successful. The tracks take time but eventually unfold into floor filling material that takes influence from raw underground grit and more refined styles. "Impression Of A Rainstorm" slowly reveals itself as a nervous pattering of percussion gives way to synthetic string melodies. Referencing the notorious New York graffiti duo, "Revs/Cost" begins all raw rhythm before dubby chord stabs bring the track into focus. The 12" closes out with the soulful "Pivotal Moments In Life," a track that invokes the sentimental reflectiveness of its title with ease. One of the defining records of Levon Vincent's career, thankfully back in print.

  • music label: Novel Sound 2011 / 2014
reviewed by Joey Coco 10/2014