Library of Sound Grooves Obscure Psychedelic Manuscripts from the Italian Cinema (1967-1975) Vinyl 2LP

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Who says you can't judge a book by its cover? In the case of this compilation, you can and totally should judge the music contained by the freaky-but-fitting cover art. As the title suggests, this double LP set features an insane assortment of psychedelic freakouts taken from a ton of obscure Italian flicks circa 1967 - 1975. I'm nowhere near an expert on this kind of stuff, so everything here was completely new to me and sounds amazing (and of course, tripped the fuhg out). From the LSD-tinged Sparrows opener, the heavy rocking "Night In Saigon" by Gianni Marchetti, the raw "Non Era Un Sogno" by Roberto Righini, to the fuzzy breaks of "Shake 5B" by Romano Rizzati and the Middle Eastern vibes of "Souk Tawil" by Berto Pisano and Jacques Chaumont, there PLENTY to dig into here (producers will also find tons of untapped moments). 24 tracks in all by a bunch of Italians you never heard of. Limited edition of 750, recommended.

  • limited edition of 750
  • gatefold sleeve
  • music label: Semi-Automatic Records 2015
reviewed by Mr. Flagio 11/2015