Lilacs & Champagne Midnight Features Vol. 2 - Made Flesh Vinyl LP

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Sometimes you have to expect the unexpected. When Alex Hall and Emil Amos of instrumental rock band Grails first shared their Lilacs & Champagne project, most expected something along the same lines. What we got instead was warmly produced psychedelic hip hop instrumentals that seemed to catch a least a few of us off guard. The fact that the music sounded as good as it did was not quite as surprising as the content itself. Since that first eponymous release, Hall and Amos have released the Danish & Blue LP and the first installment in their Midnight Features series, the aptly titled Shower Scene. Midnight Features Vol. 2: Made Flesh continues where the Portland based duo left off, a cosmic brew of Eastern European psych samples, film soundtracks and library records. This time around they enlist the help of Jay Clarke (Ash Black Bufflo) and Zac Reno to further expand their sound. It's a heady mix that is sure to please anyone looking for spliffed out beats to get lost inside of. Take in the the fractured funk of the opening track, "Roses & Kisses," for a taste before cruising with the detectives on "Case Closed!" You'll be more than satisfied.

  • limited to 700 copies
  • music label: Temporary Residence Limited 2015
reviewed by Kool Moby 04/2015