Lindstrom & Todd Terje Lanzarote 12"

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Norwegian nu disco power duo in the haus! Lindstrom and Todd Terje team up for the indisputably catchy "Lanzarote." An impeccable example of what their homeland has been turning out with ease for the past decade or more. It all starts with a perfectly programmed beat which is dusted lightly with some blissful arpeggios. From there the track just builds and builds until the two seasoned jocks let you know "I wanna go to Lanzarote." I wanna go, too! It's the kind of track that will work in multiple applications. Peak time? Check. Block party jam? You bet! Roof top rave? You catch my drift. Not to be outdone, fellow countryman, diskJokke, does his thing on the remix. Things get a little more big room, with beefy drums and a slower build. No matter which side you play, though, I guarantee you some hands in the air moments from the crowd and at least a few trainspotters. You can thank me later. Some helpful acapellas included as well. Recommended.

  • music label: Olsen 2013
reviewed by Joey Coco 07/2013