Liquid Liquid Successive Reflexes Vinyl 12"

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High quality reissue of the super-rare Liquid Liquid EPs on 99 Records. This is LL's second release from 1981, and is considered their most experimental work. It sounds like the group was going through a heavy, thought-filled period here with the very pensive, monster two-parter "Lock Groove." The part two Out Version is one of my personal favorite LL tracks, as it shows a dance music sensibility that people are still trying to duplicate to this day, seriously heavy ish. "Push" is the most uptempo piece here, and it really shows LL's genius percussion style and Salvatore Principato's brilliant post-punk, scat-like vocals. Also check out the closer "Eyes Sharp," art-rock at its finest.

  • music label: 99 Records 1981 / Superior Viaduct 2015
reviewed by the mgmnt 12/2006