Locussolus Berghain (DJ Harvey) 12"

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While DJ Harvey might be one of the last DJs you associate with Berlin's Berghain, he offers up an inspired take on the clubs notorious atmosphere. The club has made a lasting impact on house, techno, underground dance music and all that comes with it, and it seems like it is not going anywhere. You could pretty much say the same thing about Harvey. Here's a DJ with the knowledge of a few lifetimes worth of dance music and a better than average capacity to move the crowd. He's ode to "Berghain" is more than a fitting one. It may not contain all of the trappings of a tune typical of the club, but it embodies the sensation of spending the better part of the weekend within its walls. It's techno with a might does of Harvey's spirit. On the flip is a much more straightforward Locussolos track. "Telephone" trades in the dark vibes of "Berghain" for the comforts of disco, complete with female vocals and Italo inspired synths. The pick here is definitely "Berghain," but "Telephone" is no slouch either. Recommended.

  • Music Label: International Feel 2012
reviewed by Joey Coco 10/2012