Long Island Electrical Systems American Noise Sampler 12"

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The three artists featured on the L.I.E.S. American Noise Sampler reveal the diversity of Ron Morelli's New York based label. The A side is given over to Torn Hawk who's "This Is Crime & Lace" blurs the boundaries between avant garde musique concrete, experimental electronica and post-punk industrial soundscapes while still featuring traces of Chicago house. Early label contributor Marcos Cabral drops a slow and sinister slice of techno with a rubber-band bassline that will work its way through your skull. Closing out the release is relative new comer Delroy Edwards who hit hard with his label debut, 4 Club Use Only. "Feelings" is a fittingly distorted blown out take on house that was recently featured on Ben UFO's Fabric mix CD.

  • music label: Long Island Electrical Systems 2012
reviewed by Joey Coco 01/2013