Long Island Electrical Systems L.I.E.S. - Music For Shut Ins 2CD

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Another year, another packed out 2CD comp from Ron Morelli's L.I.E.S. crew. It's a fitting year end summary for a label that has managed to stay relevant and on pretty much everyone's radar since its inception. Some of the year's big tracks, like Florian Kupfer's "Feelin'" and Terekke's "Amaze" are joined by a grip of new material. And while it all might be rooted in house and techno, the tracks are all over the board. Shadowlust explore EBM eccentricity with "Jute" while the label thankfully included Legowelt's awesome "Teen Romance." Newcomer Antenes delivers banging and twisted techno on "PBX-555," a fitting introduction for the label. And there's plenty more to be had on the two discs. Whether you like the retro break filled house from the Beautiful Swimmers or the deep and dirty team up of Entro Senestre and Terekke there's something for everyone.

  • music label: Long Island Electrical Systems 2013
reviewed by Joey Coco 12/2013