Loops Haunt Zenith 12"

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Diverse range of next level beats from Loops Haunt on the UK-based Black Acre imprint. Zenith finds Loops Haunt breaking beats down to molecules, then reconstructing them from the ground up, splicing in various strains of IDM, downtempo, and jungle (yes, jungle!). Tracks like "Mun Rhul" hark back to the Ninja Tune/Mo'Wax era, while the IDM/jungle fusion of "Zenith" and "dltfaypily" sound like something from the glory days of Rephlex. In contrast, "Fathom" and "Heal" take us to the future by melding the worlds of raw drums and heavily processed samples and effects. Also includes the scenic ambient excursion "Hike." Very interesting stuff, well worth investigating.

  • music label: Black Acre 2012
reviewed by TKB 01/2013