Loose Joints Pop Your Funk Vinyl 3LP

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Welcome collection of all of the singles released by Loose Joints! The collaborative project of avant-garde cellist Arthur Russell and pioneering DJ Steve D'Aquisto, Loose Joints released a handful of tracks in the early 1980s. They're some of the most dance floor ready songs that Russell would release and some of his most enduring material. There is plenty to dig into here; six different versions of the seminal "Is It All Over My Face," including two unreleased takes; three passes of the stripped down and aggressive "Pop Your Funk"; and the uplifting disco not disco of "Tell You Today" presented as three different versions. Quality, timeless material. A must for the Arthur Russell fans and completists. Recommended.

  • triple vinyl pressing
  • music label: West End 2016
reviewed by 99 Prince 04/2016