Lord Finesse Return of the Funky Man Vinyl 2LP

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This is the Lord's second album, following up to his Wild Pitch debut, Funky Technician. If y'all don't know Finesse, he's on a singular mission: to prove that he's more clever and funky than any man out there. One of the smoother rappers from the DITC crew, his rhymes shine like the sweat in the 12th and still got sucker-punches for that imbecile ass. The beats backing this hardcore east coast wordsmith feature Showbiz, Diamond D, Aladdin, and Finesse himself all over the production, 16 tracks to make you go Ha!!! What!!! and Ooooh!!! at every punchline. Check out the main singles, "Return of The Funky Man" and "Fuck Em" to hear his metaphor mastery and Diamond and Show on beats. Others include "Party Over Here" and "Funky On The Fast Tip." A definite crate staple for anyone loving that hard hitting DITC era. Special limited edition double vinyl pressing.

  • music label: Traffic Entertainment Group 2014
reviewed by the mgmnt 11/2005