Lorn Nothing Else LP

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Debut album from Lorn on Flylo's Brainfeeder imprint. Lorn has definitely come a long way with Nothing Else. I first heard from the Milwaukee-based producer on the old scratch boards where he would post some of the illest beats to cut to. Fast forward more than half a decade later and the same dude has evolved his sound and is now posting up beats on the highly regarded Brainfeeder label! You can tell that hard-edged dirty break aesthetic is still there, but these are more than just loops to cut to - they're fully realized tracks, arranged to completion with raw emotion. See what I mean on the dramatic beats of "None An Island" and "Greatest Silence" or the melancholy, militant march of "Army Of Fear." Tracks like "Bretagne" and "Glass & Silver" get deep and introspective with the melodies, while "Automation," "Void I" and "Void II," just go hard as f*ck. Also peep the beautiful arrangement of "Cherry Moon." 12 tracks total.

  • music label: Brainfeeder 2010
reviewed by snackmaster