M.I.A. MAYA (180g) 2LP

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Here it is, M.I.A.'s highly anticipated 3rd album /\/\/\Y/\ on double 180g vinyl and 4 bonus tracks! As with her previous albums Arular and Kala, /\/\/\Y/\ aims to push boundaries, push buttons and blend genres (this time exploring territories like rock and dubstep). This is possibly her most controversial (and biggest?) album to date, backed by all-star production from a team of Lab favorites including Diplo, Rusko, Switch, Blaqtarr, and M.I.A. herself! You've probably heard the mixed reviews, but here's the sound samples so you can decide for yourself: the single "XXXO," "Steppin Up," "Teqkilla," "Lovalot," "Born Free," "Tell Me Why," Space," "Internet,"Illygirl,""Believer," "Caps Lock." 16 tracks total, recommended.

  • music label: N.E.E.T. / 2010
reviewed by Von Bee 07/2010