Mac Quayle Mr. Robot - Vol.2 Soundtrack (Colored Vinyl) Vinyl 2LP

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“There is nothing quite like that first filter sweep in the morning.” It’s clear that Mac Quayle is into synths, and you can just imagine the excitement the composer felt when Sam Esmail, the creator of Mr. Robot, picked him to write a “totally electronic” score for the hit techno/psychological thriller. Quayle’s relationship with synths began in 1980 through the Yamaha CS80 and Korg MS-20, and he’s immersed himself in arpeggiators, LFOs, and waveforms since then. The results are fully captured in this double vinyl release, which chronologically captures the sonics from episode 1 through 9. Elliot Alderson’s intense, surreal struggles are explicitly enhanced by the notes and sounds that Quayle programs, and this release, part two of the soundtrack, includes a stencil of the ubiquitous fsociety mask: “We are fsoceity, we are finally free, we are finally awake”

  • white vinyl pressing
  • gatefold sleeve
  • printed insert
  • custom spray stencil 
  • digital download included
  • Vol.1 also available
  • music label: Invada 2016
reviewed by donut savage 09/2016